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Dyed Red Bamboo Coral Medium Coin Semi Precious Beads per Strand

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Item : SPBC-MdmCn-DydRd-H
Each bead varies in size, shape and color no two beads are exactly alike.  Because these are natural Coral beads, each one has its own character including crackling, inclusions, chips, etc...

hese beads measure about 10mm to 11mm in diameter.  The holes measure about .2mm to .5mm in diameter.  The strands measure about 8" inches long and there are approximately 20 beads on a strand. 

Coral is a classic semi-precious stone that hails not from land, but from the sea!  Coral beads are made from the skeletons of dead coral, which is an ocean-dwelling invertebrate.  Traditionally, coral beads were made from red coral skeletons, however red coral is extremely difficult to find today and considered precious. 

Coral beads today are made from the more readily-available and hardy Bamboo Coral, which is naturally white, grey or green.  These calcium-carbonite skeletons are made into beads through an intensive process of cutting, shaping, sanding, dyeing, filling with resin and then polishing to a high shine.  Found all over the world's oceans, coral also comes in colors like blue and white, and it also comes in different types like sponge coral.  Dry Gulch carries many beautiful cuts, colors and shapes of this pretty stone; use it to bring a little piece of the ocean's natural beauty to your next project!

ll photos have been taken indoors with daylight, but as always, computer and mobile screens display colors differently.
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