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Elegant Evening Earrings

Create a pair of these simple yet elegant earrings using a few ingredients and only 2 tools.  Choose your crystal color and customize the length that is perfect for you.

Gather your materials.  You need 2 woven crystal beads, 2 long ball headpins, a 3-4 inch piece of chain, a pair of earwires, round nose pliers and cutters.


Place the woven crystal beads on the silver ball headpins.  Be sure to go through a small hole in the bead.

Using round nose pliers, create a loop at the top of the woven bead.


Connect the chain through the loop before closing the wrapped loop.

Using the cutters, trim the tail of the headpin.

Attach the other end of the chain to a pair of kidney earwires.

Voila!  You now have a pair of beautiful earrings.

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