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Frog & Fairy Collage Pendant Resin Rhinestones DIY Mini Kit

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Frog & Fairy Collage Pendant Kit
Frog & Fairy Collage Pendant Kit
Price: $12.00
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These adorable Mini Kits feature sparkling crystals, tiny glam findings, glitter, rhinestones, confetti and more to create your own whimisical Frog & Fairy Collage Pendant!  Our Whimsy Collection features soft vintage and fun images.

Our collage mini kits come with simple instructions.  Use jewelry glue like E-6000 or Super New Glue to add your own embellishments and create a unique springtime pendant that's perfect for the season.  Use a toothpick or tweezers to place each element.

Each pendant base in these mini kits was created by the Dry Gulch gals in our studio using paper, resin and glitter so each is completely unique!
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