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Mountain Laurel Beaded Rosary Chain 6mm & 8mm Crystal Rondelle Antique Copper Plated Per Foot

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mountain laurel beaded crystal rosary chain
mountain laurel beaded crystal rosary chain
Price: $4.00
12 feet in stock!
Item : ACCH67198

Our newest multi-size crystal chain comes in a lovely frosted green.  It features TWO sizes of crystals, both 6mm and 8mm, for an eye-catching look perfect for your next project.  This pretty green chain has a classic green-ish blue FROSTED crystal and a metallic green with a bronze finish.  The crystals have been paired with dark eyepin links in a metal finish called Antique Copper, which makes it perfect for antique and vintage projects! 

This beaded chain is absolutely perfect for all designs and would go well with many outfits.  As a jewelry designer and wearer, sometimes you need a crystal chain that is vintage and gorgeous!  Pair this chain with striking pendants or wear it long and layered for a lovely vintage look.

This specialty beaded chain is made with BOTH 6x4mm and 8x6mm crystal rondelles.  The wire links are made of a base metal alloy that has been plated with an Antique Copper finish.  All of the links on this chain are eyepin style, which is easily opened with jewelry making pliers.  The eyepin style makes it easy for designers to mix and match different elements with the chain for their projects.  This chain is both strong and lightweight.

This sparkly chain was designed by Dry Gulch and made in East Asia. The crystals were created from glass and faceted, while the glass pearls were lacquered and polished. Then everything was brought together and finally made into this one of a kind Dry Gulch exclusive chain.

We cut this chain by the foot, or 12" inches. If multiple feet are ordered, the chain will come in one continuous length. This chain comes unfinished and without clasps or jumprings.

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