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Nickel Silver Sheet Metal Stamping Blank 26 Gauge 6x6 Inch Sheet per Piece

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Price: $9.00
2 sheets in stock!
Item : NS-ShtMtl-26ga-DG
Sheet metal is one of the most basic building blocks for metalsmithing and jewelry making.  Using techniques like cutting it to shape, heating it with a jeweler's torch, using cold connections on it and setting stones in it, one can transform it into a piece of art.  The creative possibilities for sheet metal are endless!

This listing is for one sheet.  This metal is Nickel Silver, the thickness is 26 gauge and it is a 6x6" inch square.

Nickel Silver (or German Silver) is our go-to metal for creating silver colored designs.  This silver colored alloy doesn't contain any silver, but is generally made of 60% copper, 20% nickel and 20% zinc.  It does have a medium stampability for letter/design metal stamping techniques, it's harder than copper and aluminum.  (We recommend using a brass hammer to strike design stamps when stamping on this metal.)  It also can be flame painted, but tends to stay in the darker and more muted color range compared to copper.  Nickel Silver does not age like copper does in the elements and will generally stay true to its silver color.
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