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Scroll Spoon Zinc Copper Alloy Stampable Blank Pendant 55mm 2Pcs Per Pkg

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Price: $8.00
Item : SPF66823-DG

We are very excited to introduce our newest jewelry design components, Scroll Spoon Pendant Stampable Blanks!  These fun findings feature lovely flowers and scroll details around the top edge of the spoon silhouette, with most of the surface left blank to add your own embellishments like metal stamped quotes, crystal flat-back stones and more.  You can also simply use the pendant without embellishment, it would be adorable in craft projects, jewelry designs and more.  This listing is for 2 pendant blanks.

We designed this stampable Scroll Spoon pendant in our studio and had it created to our specifications, making it a one-of-a-kind Dry Gulch component.  

These blanks are made of a Zinc Copper alloy that has been plated with a silver plated finish.  The base metal is copper colored under the silver plated finish.  These pendants are a great pendant weight, heavier than aluminum but not bulky-heavy.  The Zinc Copper material of these blanks is "stiffer" to stamp vs. softer materials like copper, the "feel" is similar to stamping on nickel silver.  We recommend using a heavy duty hammer for stamping these blanks, like a 1 pound or 2 pound brass hammer.  In the photos you can see an example of the metal stamping we did on these blanks.

These blanks have been coated with an anti-tarnish coating which can be scuffed when the pendant is polished with abrasive material (e.g. steel wool).  Either gently polish the pendant, or you can rub the coating off with a fine sanding block.

Like all stampable blanks, these spoons do bend some during the stamping process.  Simply flip over and gently hammer flat with a nylon hammer and/or nylon block.  These blanks can break if bent too quickly or too much, so take care if curving for projects like bracelet cuffs.

Extra holes can be added to these blanks with a drill or hole punch.  These spoons are 1mm-1.5mm thick, so we recommend using a heavy duty hole punch like the Eurotool Power Punch.

Our stampable Scroll Spoon blanks are 40mm wide, or 1-1/2" inches.  They're 55mm tall, or 2-1/8" inches.  They have a plain back, the hole on top is 3mm and they are 1mm-1.5mm thick.  The photos in this listing include a ruler so you can see how big the pendant is.  All photos have been taken outdoors using sunlight, but as always, computer and mobile monitors display colors differently.
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