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Thank you all for entering our September 2016 Color Design Challenge! This month was a perfect example of how and why we judges have such a hard time choosing the winners. First and foremost, we judge for color adherence. If your entry has all of the right colors, but your photograph does not reflect those colors, then that creates a real dilemma for the judges and a possible disappointment for you since we judge for color adherence first, based on your submitted photos! Second, we judge for creativity and then for effort. Photographs are an integral element of showing the judges what the entry colors look like. This month, we had an entry that was submitted with three different photographs, and in each photo the colors looked completely different and only one of those photographs best matched the color palette! Remember, your photo must show us all of the criteria that we look for, especially the colors. Of course, you may submit more than one photograph of different angles and lighting of the same entry and the judges will select the best photo that best matches the current challenge colors for posting on our website. Without further ado, we now announce the Winner and Runner-up!

Tara Angel Keels is the Winner of the Dry Gulch September 2016 Color Design Challenge!

Stacy Diaz is the Runner-up of the Dry Gulch September 2016 Color Design Challenge!

Tara Angel Keels   Stacy Diaz

Design with color and inspire your creativity!

 Welcome to the

Dry Gulch Color Design Challenge!

 Every month Dry Gulch Beads and Jewelry will be hosting a challenge for creative artisans everywhere. 
Be inspired and unleash your creative talents! 
What will you create?

color { capped }

Use our colors to inspire your creativity!  Post your proct using the color palette above.  Your design will be eligible to win either a $50 gift certificate or a $25 gift certificate to Dry Gulch Beads.


Anything can be created for this challenge, including;  finished jewelry pieces, headbands, wearable pendants/pins, handmade cards, lampwork beads, seed-bead art, sewing design, metal-smithing/art, paper crafting, clothing/fiber art, leather work, painting, even your favorite culinary delights (like cupcakes), etc.  Your project must be finished and created newly and specifically for our current monthly challenge.  Your project must include all the colors shown in the palette. The project may have other colors in it, but the official palette should be the main focus.  The sky is the limit!  Show us how creative you are with our color palette.


For this challenge, Dry Gulch is offering a $50 gift certificate prize to the Winner and a $25 gift certificate prize to the Runner-up.  The judges will be looking for adherence to the color palette, creativity of the project’s design and effort.  You may purchase and use Dry Gulch components in your project, but that is not a requirement to win.


Your judges (4 judges) will be the 3 generations of women who create at Dry Gulch Beads and Jewelry.  The judges may create and post their own visions of the monthly color palette also, but for inspiration and presentation only.

We’ll publish each created work on Facebook and here on this challenge page.  Add your photo to our Color Design Challenge Facebook Event or email us your photo to  When uploading, you may add a description of your work.  If also Facebooking and/or blogging your Dry Gulch Color Design project, please add a link to the Challenge on your page.  You may also use our official Color Design Challenge blog badge, which can be found on our blog here.


Entries for the Dry Gulch Color Design Challenge may be turned in from now until midnight CST, Friday, September 30th, 2016.

Color Design Challenge

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JR An Carol Carnes

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Stacy Diaz

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