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Stretch Magic Stretchy Cord Jewelry Stringing Stretch Bracelet Elastic .8mm Diameter 16ft Per Spool

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Stretch Magic Cord .8mm Stretchy Bracelet Cord
Price: $3.50
9 pkgs in stock!
Item : Stretch-.8m

1 spool of Stretch Magic cord.  .8mm elastic diameter.  16' feet per spool.  Clear.

This fabulous stretchy cord is our go-to for stringing stretchy bracelets.  The smaller .8mm thickness will go through smaller beads like crystals and pearls, plus this elastic cord features a long-life stretch.  You can even use this stretchy cord for finger rings!

How To Use:  After stringing the beads, tie both ends of the stretchy together in 3-4 overhand knots tightly.  It's important to leave a little give in the beads so that the bracelet drapes nicely on the wrist, but the knots should be very tight.  Once knotted, dab a tiny bit of Super New Glue or GS-Hypo Cement on the knots to secure them.  Trim the elastic tails with wire cutters or scissors.  If desired, hide the elastic knot with a crimp cover or tuck the knot into a larger hole bead next to it.
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