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Stretch Magic Stretchy Cord Silver Sparkle Clear Stretch Bracelet Elastic 1mm Diameter 16ft Per Spool

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Stretch Magic Cord 1mm Silver Sparkle Cord
Price: $3.50
12 pkgs in stock!
Item : Stretch-1m-Sprkl

1 spool of Stretch Magic cord.  1mm elastic diameter.  16' feet per spool.  Silver Sparkle Clear.

This very fun cord is full of metallic silver sparkles!  For those times when you just need a little something extra for your stretchy deigns. ☺

This fabulous stretchy cord is our go-to for stringing stretchy bracelets.  The 1mm thickness will go through bigger hole beads like glass and wood, plus this elastic cord features a long-life stretch.  You can even use this stretchy cord for finger rings!

How To Use:  After stringing the beads, tie both ends of the stretchy together in 3-4 overhand knots tightly.  It's important to leave a little give in the beads so that the bracelet drapes nicely on the wrist, but the knots should be very tight.  Once knotted, dab a tiny bit of Super New Glue or GS-Hypo Cement on the knots to secure them.  Trim the elastic tails with wire cutters or scissors.  If desired, hide the elastic knot with a crimp cover or tuck the knot into a larger hole bead next to it.
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