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Tulip Beading Needles Pack of 4 Assorted Sizes per Pkg

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Price: $17.00
4 pkgs in stock!
Item : TulipAsstBeadNdle
Tulip Beading needles are specially designed for beadwork. There is a needle for every beader and each purpose: a loom needle for loom beading; various sizes of beading needles for beadweaving / off-loom stitching; a twisted needle for stringing, bead crochet and kumihimo.

Tulip beading needles are easy to thread, bendable yet strong and warp resistant, with a slightly rounded point to avoid splitting the thread (except the size 10 short sharp needle, meant for bead embroidery, having a point that pierces fabric easily).

These needles measure from 51mm long by .46mm thick to 47.5mm long by .35mm thick.  There are 4 assorted beading needles in a package and they do have small eyes.  The needle sizes are #10 (long), #11, #12 and #10 (short with a sharp point).  These needles are made of a Nickel plated Steel and were made in Japan by Tulip.
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