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Tulip Big Eye Long Twisted Beading Needle per Pkg

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Item : TulipTwBeadNdle

Description -

Tulip Beading needles are specially designed for beadwork. There is a needle for every beader and each purpose: a loom needle for loom beading; various sizes of beading needles for beadweaving / off-loom stitching; a twisted needle for stringing, bead crochet and kumihimo. 

Tulip beading needles are easy to thread, bendable yet strong and warp resistant, with a slightly rounded point to avoid splitting the thread.  These needle are perfect for threading beads when doing bead crochet.

These needles measure 120mm long by .2mm thick.  There is one Twisted beading needle in a package with a large eye.  These needles are made of NiTi Shape Memery Alloy and were made in Japan by Tulip.

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