Sodalite 8.5mm Round Ball Semi Precious Stone Beads Per Strand

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Each bead varies in size, shape and color no two beads are exactly alike. Because these are natural stone beads, each one has its own character including crackling, inclusions, chips, etc...

Sodalite is another well-known stone famous for its beautiful blue color. The stone features denim-to-violet blues mixed with white or grey. Sodalite is often used as a substitute for Lapis because of its similar color and lesser price tag. Fun fact, Sodalite will fluoresce under longwave ultraviolet light, it glows a beautiful golden yellow similar to the sun! The stone can be found all over the world including in the USA, Greenland and Canada. Dry Gulch carries many beautiful cuts, colors and shapes of this pretty stone; use it to bring a little piece of natural beauty to your next project!

All photos have been taken indoors with daylight, but as always, computer and mobile screens display colors differently.

  • Diameter: 8.5mm
  • Hole size: .8mm to 1mm
  • Strand length: 7" inches long
  • Quantity: Q22 beads per strand
  • Material: Sodalite
  • Origin: Cut and Polished in China