Leather Tassel Pendant


  • 1/8" Suede Leather Medium Brown
  • 1/8" Suede Leather Natural
  • Big Hole Bead
  • Accent Bead
  • 22ga Wire
  • Bail

Tools Needed: 
• Chain Nose Pliers
• Round Nose Pliers
• Wire Cutters


This fun project details how to make a simple and gorgeous Leather Tassel Pendant.  In this example, we use large hole beads to crown the tassel, but also try using a sparkly or metal bead cap for a more traditional look.  We use 1/8" flat suede leather and a combined total of 6' feet folded into fourths to make this tassel; but experiment with thicker leather, longer tassel lengths or add bigger tassel caps for more tassel pendant options.  Try changing out the bail for a rhinestone link connector for a pop of sparkle!

Step 1:
Cut 3' feet of the Medium Brown suede and 3' feet of the Natural suede.  Fold both colors together so that the combined tassel is about 4"-6" inches long.  Next, twist the center of the leather and fold the leather down.  Wrap the center twist with a 6" inch length of 22ga wire.


Step 2:
Twist the wire together to secure and trim the shorter tail length with wire cutters.  On the longer length of wire, string on a large hole bead.  Be sure to nestle the leather inside the bead to secure.  You don't want to see any wire holding the leather.


Step 3:
Add an accent bead to the top of the big hole bead and create a loop with round nose pliers at the top of the accent bead.  Attach a bail to the loop and wrap the loop to secure.


Step 4:
After attaching the bail to the wrapped loop, trim the excess wire with wire cutters.  Use chain nose pliers to tuck in any wire tails.  Finally, use scissors to cut the loops of the folded seude.  Voilà!  Your finished Leather Tassel Pendant is ready to add to a necklace!