Classic Charm Bracelet

• Rosary Chain
• Big Sparkling Crystals
• Glass Pearl Teardrops
• Charm Bundle
• Toggle Clasp
• Jumprings
• Ballpins

Tools Needed: 

• Chain Nose Pliers

• Round Nose Pliers

• Wire Cutters


Our Classic Charm Bracelet project makes a wonderful gift!  Use glass pearls and sparkling AB crystals for perfect neutral bracelet that will go with every outfit, or spice it up and use our many different colorful rosary chains and glass beads for a colorful cha-cha bracelet.  Check out our unique Charm Bundle collections too for more "charming" inspirations.

Step 1: 
Measure a length of rosary chain long enough to fit your wrist.  The chain should wrap around your wrist and the ends should just touch.  Add your toggle clasp to the ends using jumprings and chain nose pliers.  Next, lay out the bracelet on your work station and arrange the crystals, pearls and charms around the bracelet in your preferred design.

Step 2: 
Using chain nose pliers, attach all of the charms to the bracelet with jumprings.  Once these are added, now begin adding the accent crystal and pearl beads.  Thread each bead onto a ball pin.

Step 3: 
Using round nose pliers, make loops at the top of each beaded dangle.  Thread this loop on the charm bracelet, and then complete the wrapped loop.

Step 4: 
Complete each wrapped loop on the beaded dangles to secure them to the charm bracelet.  Fill in the charm bracelet to your taste.  Voilà!  Your finished Class Charm bracelet is ready to wear!

Tip: Don't add charms or beaded dangles too close to the toggle ends, else the bracelet will be difficult to clasp.