Victorian Scrollwork Earrings

• 12mm Faceted Glass Beads
• Victorian Scrollwork Links
• Assorted Decorative Beadcaps
• Crystal Rondelles
• Czech Crystal Rondelles
• Ballpins
• Earwires

Tools Needed:
• Chain Nose Pliers
• Round Nose Pliers
• Wire Cutters

These gorgeous earbobs are simple and delicate, perfect for wearing out every day.  We paired our baroque scrollwork findings with 12mm Czech glass for a fun earring perfect for any occasion.  What makes these earrings stand out is the "stacking" of assorted beads and caps to lend an abundant look.  This would also be a great project to use leftover beads and caps.  Try using topaz brown beads for a subtle, autumn look!

Step 1: 
String 1 large beadcap, 1 large bead and another beadcap onto a ballpin.  Continue with varying sizes of beadcaps on top of the large beadcap and also add a crystal rondelle and Czech rondelle for extra sparkle.  Then, using roundnose pliers,
create a round loop at the top of the design.
Tip: Skip Step 2 by creating an eyepin loop instead of a wrapped loop.

Step 2: 
Attach the loop to the bottom of the scrollwork connector, then finish the loop with a couple of wraps using chain nose pliers.  Trim the excess wire with wire cutters.  Use chain nose pliers to squeeze down any wire that might be sticking out.

Step 3: 
Using chain nose pliers, open and attach an earwire to the scrollwork finding  Repeat these 3 steps for the 2nd earring.  Voilà!  Your finished Victorian Scrollwork earbobs!