Elegant Blue Stone Earrings


• 8mm Round Sodalite Beads

• Heart Filigree Links

• Decorative Beadcaps

• Ballpins

• Leverback Earwires

Tools Needed: 

• Chain Nose Pliers

• Round Nose Pliers

• Wire Cutters

These gorgeous earbobs are simple and delicate, perfect for wearing out every day.  We chose blue Sodalite for our example, which is a great choice for pairing with denim jean outfits, but you could also swap out the blue beads for any other color.  Red beads would be gorgeous with the heart connector, or use a flashy crystal AB bead for extra sparkle.

Step 1: 
String 1 blue bead and 1 beadcap onto a ballpin.  Then, using roundnose pliers,

create a round loop at the top of the beadcap.

Tip: Skip Step 2 by creating an eyepin loop instead of a wrapped loop.


Step 2: 
Attach the loop to the bottom of the heart connector, then finish the loop with a couple of wraps using chain nose pliers.  Trim the excess wire with wire cutters.


Step 3: 
Use chain nose pliers to gently squeeze the wrapped loop to shape.  Then, using chain nose pliers, open and attach a leverback earwire.  Repeat these 3 steps for the 2nd earring.  Voilà!  Your finished Elegant Blue Stone earbobs!