Rustic Boho Necklace

• Hand Painted Chandelier Findings
• Rosary Chain
• Tiger Eye
• Apatite
• Ballpins
• Jumprings
• Lobster Claw Clasp

Tools Needed: 

• Wire Cutters
• Round Nose Pliers
• Chain Nose Pliers

This pretty necklace is a breeze to create and looks so pretty in blue and brown tones!  Use basic jewelry making pliers to assemble this design.  The Chandelier findings featured in this project come in packages of 4, so you can create matching earrings also.

Step 1:
Arrange the design of the beads for the chandelier finding to your liking.  Next, string the beads onto ballpins and create loops on top of each bead with round nose pliers.

Step 2:
Trim the excess wire with wire cutters on each loop to create an eyepin to attach to the chandelier finding.  If desired, do not trim and instead wrap the beaded charms to the finding.

Step 3:
Attach the now beaded chandelier pendant to the rosary chain using a jumpring and chain nose pliers.  At one end of the rosary chain, open the eyepin link and attach the lobster claw clasp.

Step 4:
Repeat on the end other end of the rosary chain to attach a jumpring for the clasp.  Make sure all jumprings are securely closed with chain nose pliers.  Voilà!  Your finished Rustic Boho necklace!

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