Tourmaline Tassel Earrings

• Tourmaline Chips
• Metal Spacer Beads
• Tiny Metal Chain
• 22ga Wire
• Earwires

Tools Needed: 

• Chain Nose Pliers

• Round Nose Pliers

• Wire Cutters

These easy-to-make earrings are lightweight and gorgeous!  We paired natural Tourmaline stones with tiny metal spacers and a tiny chain tassel for a dainty chandelier look.  By using a good length of wire, you can create beautiful organic wraps around the stones to add a design element that really stands out.  Try using pearls or crystals to create a pair of earrings for every day of the week!

Step 1: 
Start with 22ga wire.  Cut a length about 1' foot long and create a loop at one end using round nose pliers.  With the tiny oval chain, string about 5 lengths onto the loop.  Experiment with making the lengths random or even, or add more chain for a fuller tassel. 

Step 2:
Once you have the tassel completed, finish the loop by wrapping it with chain nose pliers and cutting the tail with wire cutters.  Now, string on a selection of beads and metal spacers on the remaining wire.  Create a random pattern, or create a structured sequence.

Step 3:
Once you've made the earring your desired length, create another wrapped loop at the top with round nose pliers.  Instead of cutting the excess tail wire, use this wire to gently wrap big loops back down the beads.  It's okay if these loops are loose, just make them fun!

Step 4:
Finish the big loops of wire by wrapping the end of the wire once again on the bottom wrapped loop to secure.  Using chain nose pliers, squeeze down any wire tails and then attach the earwire to the earring.  Repeat these 4 steps for the 2nd earring.  Voilà!  Your finished Chain Tassel earbobs are ready to wear!

  • Tourmaline Chips Semi Precious Stone Beads Per Strand

    Tourmaline Chips Semi Precious Stone Beads Per Strand


    Each bead varies in size, shape and color no two beads are exactly alike. Because these are natural stone beads, each one has its own character including crackling, inclusions, chips, etc... These beads are all center drilled, with the occasional bead...