Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Our website is professionally safe-guarded and regularly updated with the highest levels of e-commerce transaction protections available.  Also, we do NOT partner with third parties (vendors, ad-hawkers, information purveyors, data-miners, etc.), so you will NEVER see any ads on our website, because when you visit us we want you to focus on OUR products - and not on third party tracking ads that take your private information.

We absolutely, fully respect and value your privacy and purchasing details.  So, whenever you do business with us on our website, all data collected from you is kept strictly confidential and is protected with the utmost attentiveness and responsibility.  From the very beginning of Dry Gulch, we have never sold nor disclosed any of our customers' private information (names, emails, payment details) to anyone else - EVER - and we never will.

Also, your information will never be re-used by Dry Gulch in any way to which you have not given your expressed permission - for example: at times, we may want to post our customers' beading project photos online, but we never do so without consent.

Only three people at Dry Gulch have access to your information.  That would be the head honcho, and two top honchos, and they are under solemn oath to never reveal your private information.  The resulting severe penalty, if they ever do reveal Dry Gulch customer secrets, is to be placed in the stampeding path of all our Dry Gulch Ranch animals, with subsequent trampling under hoof-and-foot.

Actually, we just want you to rest assured that when you shop and do business here at Dry Gulch, that your email, and your purchasing details, and all your private information, are all safe and secure. 

Below is some legal stuff about protection and privacy.

Legal-eze - Dry Gulch Barn, LLC; and Holdings
Dry Gulch, LLC; Dry Gulch Beads & Jewelry;; Dry Gulch Enterprises; are just a few of the subsidiaries owned and operated under license by Dry Gulch Barn, LLC.  All content and product that comprise all of Dry Gulch Barn, LLC are either Trademarked, Copyrighted, or Registered, and are Federally protected by substantive law from illegal access and from Intellectual Property Theft; and includes all Dry Gulch holdings that are presented or displayed in any venue by any business, website, or social media; including those businesses, websites and social media that host Dry Gulch.  Dry Gulch Barn, LLC has all rights therein.